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Mobile communications and computing are likely to follow persons wherever they go. New and innovative products are introduced almost weekly. The opportunity is driving inventiveness for low voltage, high-speed devices and displays. There will be many ways to participate in this sector.

There are several companies that are ingeniously working at enabling small displays to present amounts of information equal to the capacity of a PC display screen. A number of companies are now producing semi-conductor devices with very densely arrayed transistors numbering from hundreds of thousands to more than half a million on a small chip. These chips can receive the mass of information needed to endow these smaller (fraction of an inch) displays with the functionality of a large screen.

In electronics, the need for more performance per watt will drive the development and adoption of new design methods and of new memory components. Wireless products now include the functions of a personal digital assistant, text and data transfer, email and image capture. Novel and innovative wireless broadband services such as WiFi, WiMAX, and 3G wireless have captured the interest of the consumer.

Inventive young companies are developing semiconductor products for applications that require high-bandwidth, cost-effective solutions for high-speed digital data communications. Some are using proprietary new materials whose physical and electronic properties, such as higher-voltage and higher-thermal conductivity, offer technical advantages over traditional silicon and other materials for certain electronic applications.

More inventiveness is on the way and will yield more new ways to invest.



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