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Demographics are compelling

  • Estimates provided by the United Nations project that the 60+ population will reach 1.9 billion by 2050 - 22% of the total population

  • Demographic shift spells an increase in the demand for pharmaceuticals

  • 2003 pharmaceutical sales exceeded $429 billion

  • Mergers and patent expirations in big pharma create the need for robust pipelines and the need to in-license compounds

Drugs make sense

  • Intervention with therapeutics prevents other more expensive treatments
    • Surgeries
    • Long-term care
    • Long hospital stays
    • Medical devices
    • Psychiatric wards

  • Drugs enjoy high margins and long product cycles

  • Functional genomics will produce many new targets

The industry is maturing

  • More than 160 biotech products have been approved by the FDA and are on the market

  • 734 biotechnology drugs were in human clinical trials in 2003

  • Ever-growing percentage of companies becoming profitable and attaining critical mass

As an investment - what do we look for?

  • Broad-based proprietary technology platform
    • Strong intellectual property position
    • Novel technology

  • Products that address major market opportunities (large unmet needs)

  • Management team that is scientifically grounded yet practical

  • Clear strategy for commercialization of products

  • Attractive valuation on risk/reward basis



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