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Voice must be the actuating medium if the world is ever to bridge the digital divide between the digirati and the few who are still not computer literate.

A good number of companies around the world are working to make machine recognition of voice more complete. Only a mere handful is independent of the very large telephone companies or infrastructure providers, thus giving investors an undiluted way of participating.

Among prospective changes will be new configurations of displays. The display is a vital aspect of functionality for the end device and a special challenge in its own right. It is not clear yet just what form the more commonly used displays will eventually take. Bulky cathode ray tubes that now take so much space will be streamlined further, but it is not possible to do so sufficiently. Liquid crystal displays, also commonly in use, will be improved further, but never to the point of being as good as new technologies promise. Expect greater use of light emitting diodes, especially those using new organic materials. Such devices have not yet reached the product stage, except in very small devices, but there is sufficient evidence that enhanced designs are on their way. Some will be in small, densely packed, semi-conductor chips to be amplified through lenses and projections. In some designs, larger screens might be built square by square, like squares of tile ceramics in bathrooms.




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