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Our Story

Princeton Capital Management was formed in 1988 to offer to a select client base of high net worth individuals and institutions the successful analytical and investing methods practiced by its founders during their long and well-regarded careers at a number of prestigious institutions.

Drawing upon their expertise in the fundamental analysis of a broad range of securities - from the largest of companies around the world to the youngest and smallest U.S. based companies – the founding partners developed a method of portfolio management that looked beyond the restrictive parameters of investment strategy style labels or benchmark considerations. They believed their clients would derive greater benefits from an approach that combined an expansive analytical consideration of companies large, small, young and mature, with disciplined portfolio construction focused on the very best ideas.

Over the past twenty years, PCM has demonstrated the soundness of this approach by delivering competitive long-term returns across various investment strategies.

Today, managing investment portfolios remains our only business. Our resources are focused on fundamental security analysis, portfolio construction and investment operations – nothing else. Moreover, most members of the investment team serve as both analysts and portfolio managers, eliminating the layers and thus the distractions common to firms with separate research and portfolio management staffs.

We pride ourselves on being an organization of equals. This is beneficial to clients as it allows each member of the team the confidence to present an opinion on investment ideas versus deferring to either a group or an individual perceived to have greater authority than others. It is our experience that hierarchical organizations and the committees associated with such structures rarely facilitate successful stock investing. A group in which respected peers, unafraid of the repercussions of honest appraisals, surround a designated person with final authority has been a demonstrably winning method of making successful investment decisions. Supporting the dissenting voice is thus institutionalized.

Princeton Capital Management has remained an independent, owner-managed firm since its inception, and owner assets are invested alongside those of our clients. We believe our clients have benefited from the Firm’s organizational stability and shared goals.
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