After a thorough review of each Client’s objectives, return expectations, income needs and risk tolerances, PCM will recommend an individually tailored equity or balanced portfolio.  For those electing to invest in equities, PCM chooses a number of companies from its Focus List.  All small cap stocks have been selected for their ability to substantially outperform the market indexes over a period of time, usually within three to five years.

Companies on the Focus List are researched by PCM managers and its outside scientific advisors.  In nearly all cases before Princeton Capital Management invests in a company, our team will visit these companies and will continue to have meetings with the senior management on a regular basis.  Analysis of companies whose stocks are in our YES portfolio requires additional inter-disciplinary knowledge and skills. 

We believe the depth of our research and the industry knowledge derived from our experience and from that of our advisors has enabled us to consistently outperform the recognized indexes.


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