Information Displays & Speech Recognition
An outpouring of end products for convenience

Mobile communications and computing are likely to follow persons wherever they may be. We have not seen anything like the eventual varieties of end products. The opportunity is driving inventiveness for low voltage, high-speed devices and displays. There will be many ways to participate. The display is a vital aspect of functionality for the end device and a special challenge in its own right.

There are several companies that are ingeniously working at enabling small displays to present amounts of information equal to the capacity of the display of a PC. Commonly used liquid crystal screens cannot handle the quantity of information that high quality computers can recieve. It must be able to do so to be an effective means of remote computing. A number of companies are now producing semi-conductor devices with very densely arrayed transistors numbering from hundreds of thousands to more than half a million on a small chip. These can receive the needed mass of information and enable these smaller (fraction of an inch) displays to expand into virtual display, the equivalent of most computer frames. More inventiveness is on the way and will yield more new ways to invest.

Selected opportunities:

Selected opportunities:  Displays



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