Princeton Capital Management was established in August of 1988 to provide investment management services for individual investors, trusts, endowment funds, foundations and retirement funds. PCM invests to meet the needs and risk tolerance of each Client. To accomplish this task, we utilize a broad spectrum of security vehicles ranging from Government and AAA Corporate bonds to the equity securities of young, rapidly growing companies.

For most portfolios, we expect to invest at less-than-average market risk while realizing better-than-average returns. After income and risk requirements are met with conservative high-yield securities, stocks are selected whose values we perceive to be unduly low vis-à-vis our appraisal of growth prospects. High-potential young companies are also used within the confines of acceptable total risk. Fixed-income securities are commonly high grade, with maturities selected according to client needs and investment circumstances.

Princeton Capital Management also offers a focused service that invests only in enterprises that attain growth by utilizing their scientific excellence to develop products and services of unique worth. The service, called Young Enterprise Shares (YES), has been listed recurrently in the Growth Equity category of the "World’s Best Money Managers" as compiled quarterly by Nelsons.

Princeton Capital Management adds value as:

•Advisors, not traders,

Searching for:

•Superior growth opportunities at attractive prices in companies of all sizes.

•Young companies, especially those demonstrating expertise in
selected technical and scientific areas.



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