Seymor Altucher

Seymor Altucher is currently consulting to several software and internet companies including:

  • MobileLogic - wireless Internet company that is at the forefront of technology for mobile and corporate personnel.
  • Reset-Xceed - Internet agency and consulting company
  • Hyperion Software - dominates the financial consolidation software martket and has recently entered the accounting software marketplace.
  • John A. Keane and Associates - specializes in software for manufacturing quality applications based on the principals of ISO 9000.

Prior to starting his consulting practice, Seymor was the founder and CEO of Consco Enterprises, Inc., a producer of packaged software, primarily in the corporate finance area. Mr. Altucher subsequently sold the company to Computer Associates and was instrumental in managing the smooth integration of the two entities. Previously he held several management positions in the Information Technology area. He received his BA and MBA from the University of Michigan.

Carmen Catanese, Ph.D.
Solid State Physics & Displays

Dr Catanese is currently the Executive Vice President, Corporate Development at the Sarnoff Corporation. He joined the David Sarnoff Research Center in 1970 where his early work was focused in flat panel displays and color picture tubes. In 1980, he assumed the position of Director for all of RCA’s research and development in the display area. Under his direction Sarnoff has developed a number of commercially important successes, including:

  • DirecTV™, the digital satellite-to-home TV service
  • COTY™, the world picture tube standard

Dr Catanese was also responsible for pioneering Sarnoff’s initiative in Healthcare, and was instrumental in establishing venture companies in this field.

Dr Catanese is on the Board of Directors of Locus Discovery, Inc., and Lamina Ceramics, Inc. He serves on the Advisory Boards of Prism Venture Partners, the National Science Foundation, the State of New Jersey, the Mary Jacobs Library Foundation and Xavier University. He is a Fellow of Woodrow Wilson Foundation and National Science Foundation.

Dr Catanese received a BS in Physics at Xavier University and a Ph.D., also in Physics, from Yale University. Dr Catanese is the author of 13 U.S. Patents.

Ashok Kapoor, Ph.D.
International Finance

Ashok Kapoor served as Professor of Marketing and International Business at the Graduate School of Business Administration of New York University until 1980 when he founded the International Negotiation Institute, Inc., a private consulting, training and research organization. His consulting work has focused on leadership and management challenges faced by senior levels of a corporation in defining and implementing the desired corporate culture for rapid, radical and continuous change. The industries/sectors in his consulting include finance, energy, hotels, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and information technologies.

Dr. Kapoor is the author of several books and articles focusing primarily on the theme of cross cultural conflicts and the role of negotiation in resolving such conflicts within and between organizations. The essential theme of Dr. Kapoor's work is that sustained competitive advantage of a company is based on creating and nurturing the desired corporate culture capable of withstanding the test of time.

Dr. Kapoor received a BA degree with Honors in English Literature from St. Stephens College, Delhi University, and an MBA and Ph.D. degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Sam Milstein, Ph.D.
Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Devices

Dr Milstein currently serves as President of Mortar & Pestle Consulting, Inc., whose clients included leading Venture Capital groups, large institutional investors, financial analysts, biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical companies. Among the services offered are technical due-diligence on companies and/or technologies as potential investments, acquisitions or licensing opportunities, and reviews and analysis of papers and presentations at scientific meetings as well as strategic planning and financial advisory to fledgling companies in the biopharmaceutical area.

Prior to founding Mortar & Pestle, Dr Milstein was President & Chief Scientific Officer, Emisphere Technologies, Inc., a publicly traded biopharmaceutical company specializing in advanced drug delivery. The delivery systems employed by Emisphere were discovered and patented by Dr Milstein. Previously, Dr Milstein also served as an Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry at New York University.

Dr Milstein received a BS in chemistry at City College of New York, a M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry at the University of New Brunswick and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry at New York University. Dr Milstein was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute.

Gordon A. Thomas, Ph.D.

Dr. Thomas is currently a Professor of Physics and of Biomedical Engineering at The New Jersey Institute of Technology, and a researcher at the Photonic and Opto-electronic Materials Center, Department of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University. Dr. Thomas also consults at Bell Laboratories. Previously, Dr. Thomas was a Distinguished Senior Research Associate in the Harrison Spectroscopy Laboratory and Visiting Professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr Thomas is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and the Chair of the Forum on Industrial and Applied Physics of the American Physical Society.

Dr Thomas received a Sc.B. in Physics from Brown University and a Ph.D., also in Physics, from University of Rochester.


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