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Our disciplined analytical framework imposes a rigorous structure on our investment decision-making, yet is sensitive to the varying characteristics of the companies in our broad investment universe and to current market conditions.

Investment ideas are sourced from both top-down and bottom-up channels
  • Top down: economic and industry trends, and the companies fulfilling the needs implied by such trends
  • Bottom Up: fundamental screens or unique situations
Each stock is evaluated from three perspectives
  • Trend: socio-economic, technology transition, or supply/demand trend in its favor
  • Business Model: understandable, competitive, and sustainable
  • Valuation: attractive vis--vis the quality of the trend/model and other opportunities
The critical stock selection factor reflects the risk/return objectives of each of our three portfolio strategies
Portfolio construction emphasizes diversification of risk
  • Buy discipline: attractive balance of three factors and a risk/reward profile that meshes well with the rest of the portfolio
  • Sell discipline: attains price target or lower relative attraction or deterioration in any one of the three factors
Perspective · Perseverance · Patience · Performance