Digital Printing

Prints on demand
Copies only as needed
Avoids extra copies to inventory or to waste

Stores pages electronically
Cost efficient, space efficient
Efficient accesibility for editing or printing

Distributes electronically
Fast? It is immediate and cost efficient
When digital in one place, one is digital in all places

Differentiates each imprint
Any page can be unique
Electronically composed and collated from a computer

These are the driving advantages bringing in the new age of digital printing. The technologically is here, yet it is being adapted more slowly than one might expect by the tradition-bound printing industry (with high fixed costs and low margins).  The industry is very cost conscious and wary of the troubles that sometimes accompany innovation. 

Printers who resist adopting the new technology will pay a heavy price later for their reluctance in this competitively arrayed industry.  On the other hand, printers who employ new processes will attract business from those who do not, thoroughly reforming the industry within a very few years.  Competition among printers will eventually pass along lasting benefits to publishers and advertisers, and costs will be lowered for readers as well.  However, it is too soon to invest in these ultimate beneficiaries of this digital revolution.  For the present, there are a few highly probable ways of achieving extraordinary investment returns from a few providers of advanced workflow systems
and new presses. 

The probability for investors to win big is derived in large measure from two considerations.  First, the scales of these advantages in cost savings and efficiencies are very great - compellingly great.  And second, Wall Street is sleeping through the early phases of these changes, leaving the shares of these technology providers very cheap relative to the huge opportunities.  We have major positions in a half a dozen or more participating companies.  Rarely in a lifetime does one see so vast an opportunity so cheaply appraised in themarketplace.  We will not bother to try to explain the reasons; we hope simply to enjoy this. 

Printing is one of the world’s largest industries.

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