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Princeton Capital Management, Inc. is an independent asset management firm specializing in equity portfolios for both private and institutional clients.

We offer three investment strategies that span the spectrum of reward/risk outcomes for marketable equity securities:

Core Equity– a conservative strategy designed to deliver both outperformance and downside protection through an investment approach that favors the stocks of mid-to-large capitalization companies
Growth Equity – an unconstrained strategy seeking investment opportunities across the entire stock market
Young Enterprise Shares™ (YES) – an aggressive strategy seeking maximum returns through investments in primarily small- and micro-capitalization companies that are positioned to capitalize on tomorrow’s trends.

Each strategy has a distinct reward/risk goal, yet all three share a common investment approach centered around a unique analytical framework focused on assessments of trends, business models and valuation.

We manage portfolios for both private and institutional clients, who engage us directly or through their wealth advisor’s external manager program. In either case, transparency and the free flow of communication are the hallmarks of every relationship.

We welcome your interest in Princeton Capital Management and encourage you to learn more about us.

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