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High net worth individuals, institutions, advisors and managed account platforms have chosen to work with Princeton Capital Management for our results-driven investment strategies and partnership approach to client service.


We manage portfolios for high net worth individuals, families, and foundations, who engage us directly or through external manager programs offered by their wealth advisors. Together we identify the investment strategy or blend of strategies (which may incorporate a high quality bond component) appropriate to the client’s investment objectives and risk tolerance. Our collaborative approach also includes coordinating with estate planning, accounting, tax, and other related service providers.

Ongoing client service and reporting is specifically designed to provide transparency and develop a free flow of communication, creating a strong foundation for a lasting partnership.

  Princeton Capital Management and its principals have a long history of working with endowments, foundations, retirement plans, corporations, and private funds. We are committed to building a long-lasting relationship with each of our institutional clients, and are particularly sensitive to their need for transparency and timely communication.
  Princeton Capital Management has adopted a flexible approach to establishing managed account or sub-advisory partnerships with a limited number of wealth advisors, financial planners, brokerage firms and consultants. Please call Hugh Fitzpatrick, at 609-921-6294, if you would like to explore how we might work with your organization.
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